The latest Pokémon game will make you a Magikarp training master

By | 25th May 2017

Who doesn’t need more Magikarp in their life?

That’s exactly what the folks at The Pokémon Company asked themselves when they came up with their latest mobile game, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump.

If you were getting your hopes up that Magikarp Jump would be the next Pokémon Go, you’d be sorely mistaken. This isn’t an augmented reality powerhouse like what we’ve (perhaps unfairly) come to expect from Pokémon games. No, this is more of a Tamagotchi-style game that will have you training generations of Magikarp to jump as high as they can. And… that’s about it.

To make your Magikarp jump as high as possible, you’ll need to feed them and put them through training sessions to increase their jump power. You’ll even come across calico and polka dot-patterned Magikarp if you’re lucky.

Watch out though – if your Magikarp jumps too high, a wild Pidgeotto might come by and snag it right out of the air. That’s not the only other Pokémon to appear in this game. Pikachu, Litten, and Snorlax will also show up from time to time to help boost Magikarp’s jump power.

Magikarp Jump is available now for free in the Google Play Store. There are in-app purchases ranging from $.99 to $34.99, which will get you more food and help speed up your training. Interested? Head to the Play Store link below for the download.