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By | 25th May 2017

Automated software testing is an incredibly valuable time saving tool, allowing you to see quickly and clearly what works in a web app and what doesn’t. In this course, you’ll learn how to write an automation framework in Selenium WebDriver from scratch using C# (C Sharp). You’ll also get a broad overview of automation best practices so you can get a leg up in the high-priced world of automation testing.

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  • Access 353 lectures & 19 hours of content 24/7
  • Create a Selenium WebDriver framework from scratch using C#
  • Master C# for Software Automation Engineers
  • Learn how to use any identification mechanism to find an object on a web page
  • Use the Page Object Pattern to develop high quality tests
  • Understand automation testing best practices so you can perform w/ any tool
  • Work w/ JSON objects using C#

Nail Down the Basics of This Essential Development Efficiency Tool

Design Your First Automation Testing Framework & Start Towards a Career in Testing

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