Goat Simulator Payday lets you rob banks as a mask-wearing goat with no sense of physics

By | 26th May 2017

Whether it was a zombie apocalypse or outer space, the Goat Simulator series retained its sense of fun thanks to its ridiculousness and sheer disregard for physics. That joy hopes to continue with Goat Simulator Payday, which introduces players to the world of heists.

In terms of moving around, Goat Simulator Payday does not do much to change the status quo. You will still play in an open-world, buggy sandbox where the laws of physics have no meaning.

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Where the game differs is its inclusion of Payday’s bank-robbing mechanics. You can choose from four goats, all of which have unique abilities for various heists. Alongside your chosen goat is a camel, a flamingo, and a dolphin that rides around in a wheelchair. Together, the animals perform heists and objectives tasked through the game’s PRANKNET database, which helps create some semblance of structure amidst the typical Goat Simulator chaos.

Police will interfere with the heists, which is why Goat Simulator Payday also emphasizes stealing cars, though you are more than welcome to just run away from the fuzz. If successful, you can use the money from the heists to purchase masks, of which there are plenty to get.

The best part about Goat Simulator Payday is, unlike the PC version, you do not need the base game to play it – it is a standalone $5 purchase that is available right now at the link below.