Vertu Signature Cobra Limited Edition phone launched for $360k

By | 26th May 2017

Vertu is a well know luxury mobile phone maker that retails luxury handmade mobile phones. The company has now launched its latest flagship device which is called as Signature Cobra Limited Edition and the luxurious handset is priced at around $360k and will be available via Only eight units of this device are manufactured and one of them will be sold in China. The phone is made by the French royal jewelry Boucheron and is based on original Vertu Signature.

The Signature series is the flagship series from Vertu and this new device will feature 439 rubies shaped in a form of a cobra snake which is placed on the front of the phone. The eyes of the snake are made of emerald and there are a Gold and Crystal thrown. The Signature Cobra is made of 388 different parts and assembled in the UK by hand. Moreover, the device is available for 2.47 Million Yuan which is about 360 thousand dollars.

You also have the option of booking the device with a payment of 1000Yuan (approx $145) and get the device when the total payment is made if the stock is still available. This device does not have WhatsApp or any other social networking apps, we even doubt if it has a rear camera! It is just a piece of ornament that can make calls.

The company was acquired for £50 million by Turkish mogul Hakan Uzan and headquarter remained at U.K. The company was acquired much earlier that includes Nokia which was followed by Swedish equity fund, EQT. Later it was followed by a Chinese company and nothing much is known about the future plans. There is no specification related information here that could be discussed but the article is made only to keep our readers informed. What do you think of the device? Do you like it?