Mobile game based on Vikings TV show coming in 2018

By | 31st May 2017

Are you a fan of the Vikings TV show? If so, you have something to look forward to next year. Hugo Games has partnered with MGM Interactive to release a game based on this television series.

We know it will come to Android, iOS and Steam, but details on gameplay are scarce. It will be a player versus player strategy game, and will feature some of your favorite characters, including Ragnar, Lagertha, Floki and Rollo. It is also said to feature “impressive graphics and a memorable soundtrack”. Of course, there will also be a touch of medieval drama and adventure.

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We also know Hugo Games has a tendency to make cartoonish, fun games like Axe in Face, Hugo Troll Wars and others. We can assume this Vikings title will be at least similar to those apps.

That’s about all we know for now, but we are sure it’s enough to get loyal fans riled up. Regardless, it’s still a while until 2018, so stay tuned to learn more about this game as more information is revealed.