Twitter now lets you review Direct Messages from people you don’t know

By | 31st May 2017
Twitter app for Android

A couple of years ago, Twitter began allowing users to open their Direct Messages so that anyone could send them a message. That could end up causing the DM folder to be a bit chaotic if for someone that gets a lot of messages, but now Twitter is working to change that.

Twitter is now rolling out a “Requests” tab in your Direct Messages folder. When you receive a DM from someone you don’t follow, the message will go into that folder so that you can review it before engaging the sender. The user won’t know that you’ve seen the message until you accept it, and if you do, the message will go to your inbox and you can begin chatting with them.

The ability to review Direct Message requests is rolling out to the Twitter apps for Android and iOS as well as the web.

This new Twitter feature may not be a big deal for everyone, but for folks that do receive a lot of Direct Messages, this could be a nice addition. Now they can get more control over the inbox and have an easier time keeping track of their conversations.