Here’s How Long iOS 11 Beta Takes

Here’s How Long iOS 11 Beta Takes is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iOS 11 beta can be a pretty hefty download but it shouldn’t take too long to install it, provided you know what you’re doing.

Apple’s loaded up the first two iOS 11 beta’s with features, tweaks, and enhancements. iPhone and iPad owners willing to make the move to pre-release software will find many delights including Siri Voice translation, screen recording, an amazing tweak to the volume slider, and a customizable Control Center.

The iOS 11 beta is exciting but the it’s far from perfect. Many iOS 11 beta testers are complaining about performance issues, bugs, and other bumps in the road.

Most people are better off waiting for the final iOS 11 release this fall but we don’t blame you if you’re interested in trying the developer or public iOS 11 beta right now.

One question we continue to get from prospective iOS 11 beta testers is about the download process and how long the beta takes to install on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

There’s no definitive answer. Mileage is absolutely going to vary from person-to-person, device-to-device, but we can help you determine how much time to set aside if you want to download the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Assuming you’ve prepared for the iOS 11 beta and you’re connected to a fast Wi-Fi network, installing your iOS 11 beta could take you less than 15 minutes to complete. If you haven’t prepared, the download and installation process could take a lot longer.

This guide gives first time beta users some recommendations and it also outlines what you can expect if you’re jumping from the iOS 11 beta 6 to the iOS 11 beta 7.

Let’s start what to expect if you’re installing iOS 11 for the first time.

Prepare for iOS 11 Beta

Before you install the iOS 11 beta on a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you’ll want to prepare. If you recently backed up your device and/or checked in with your IT department, you could be on your way in a matter of minutes. If you haven’t done any prep work, you might need to spend an hour or more making sure you and your device are ready.

We’ve put together a pre-installation guide that will take you through the steps you should take before installing iOS 11 beta on a primary or secondary iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Making a backup is completely optional but highly recommended. The odds are slim, but we always hear horror stories about photos and other data going missing. If you backup your files via iCloud or iTunes, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your important data is safe.

iOS 11 Download Time

If you’re installing iOS 11 beta for the first time your download will be several GB.

If you’re using a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, and you manage to avoid trouble, your download could finish up in as little as five minutes. If you’re on a slower Wi-Fi network, the download could take upwards of 15 minutes. You could also see delays during peak hours.

Apple typically releases new iOS beta software on Monday morning (around 10AM Pacific) and you could see slower download times if you choose to upgrade right away.

iOS 11 Installation Time

Despite its size, the iOS 11 beta installation shouldn’t take too long to complete.

We’ve installed the iOS 11 beta on two devices, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s, and both installations finished in under 20 minutes. That’s extremely fast for a beta and an update this size.

That said, most of you will want to put aside 30-45 minutes of time to monitor the installation. Note that your device could restart itself several times. This is normal.

For more on the best way to install iOS 11 beta, take a look at our walkthrough. It’ll hold your hand through the entire process.


Once the iOS 11 beta installation wraps up you’ll need to spend some time logging into iCloud and any apps and services that’ve logged you out.

You’ll also want to check on your important files and use your core applications and services to make sure they’re working properly.

We’ve put together a post-installation guide that will take you through the most important steps to take in the minutes and, for some of you, hours after you complete the iOS 11 beta install.

All in all, we recommend putting aside at least an hour to ensure the iOS 11 beta download and installation go smoothly. More if this is your first time installing pre-release software.

How Long Does the iOS 11 Beta 7 Take?

If your device is running the iOS 11 beta 6, you probably want to move to iOS 11 beta 7. It comes with some tweaks and more importantly, it delivers bug fixes for lingering iOS 11 beta problems. (Note: If you’re on the public beta you’ll be moving from beta 5 to beta 6.)

If you’re moving from one version of iOS 11 beta to another version, your download and installation time will be much faster because the file is much smaller.

You can expect the download to take about three to four minutes over a fast Wi-Fi connection. Installation times will very from device-to-device but don’t expect the process to take more than 10 minutes.

During the iOS 11 beta 7 installation the iPhone 6s in our possession rebooted themselves. This is normal behavior and the process should pickup shortly thereafter.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 11 Beta & 9 Reasons You Should

Install the If You Want to Improve the Final Version of iOS 11

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Install the If You Want to Improve the Final Version of iOS 11

Have you ever installed a new iOS update only to discover problems on board your device? If you've experienced frustrating iOS problems, you might want to give the iOS 11 beta a shot. 

The iOS 11 beta lets you try out new features but it also helps Apple improve the software ahead of the release in the fall. 

Your beta testing could prevent a major problem or a minor bug from appearing in the final iOS 11 release for your device.  

If you're sick and tired of running into problems with iOS updates, do something about it. Download the iOS 11 beta and hunt for bugs. 

If you find something lurking in the latest iOS 11 beta, make sure you report it to Apple

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Here’s How Long iOS 11 Beta Takes is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.