Super Mario Odyssey Release Date, Features & Details

Super Mario Odyssey Release Date, Features & Details is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

The Super Mario Odyssey release date will bring an open-world and whacky take on Mario to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Revealed alongside the Nintendo Switch in January, Super Mario Odyssey is both a departure and a reinvention of the gameplay that users love already. The game looks better and has more detail than recent Mario titles. A huge world that feels alive replaces the side-scrolling combat that players are used to. Mario climbs buildings and uses almost anything in the world to his advantage.

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Nintendo has finally revealed the Super Mario Odyssey release date after months of teasing. It’s also showing off the new combat and exploration gamers can expect.

Super Mario Odyssey Release Date, Features & Details

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Super Mario Odyssey Release Date

The Super Mario Odyssey release date is October 27th. Nintendo confirmed the date during its E3 2017 video stream. This is the game’s worldwide release.

Super Mario Odyssey Story

Super Mario Odyssey begins with a kidnapping. Bowser snatches Princess Peach so that they can marry. It’s up to Mario to get here back. To keep him away, Bowser moves around the game’s world. This forces the player to explore the game’s open-world to save her. Along the way, players pick up new abilities and meet new characters. Some are helpful and some are not.

Super Mario Odyssey Features & Gameplay

Super Mario Odyssey is a sandbox style game. Players can explore the game’s areas at their own pace. There hasn’t been a sandbox Mario title since Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine.

This game is filled with new ideas and mechanics. An airship and other vehicles take players to the areas they want to explore. Mario’s Cappy hat acts as a weapon in Odyssey. He can use it to attack jump or inhabit objects and enemies. Placing it on a frog allows him to become that frog. He becomes a Tyrannosaurus is the game’s E3 2017 trailer. Mario is also customizable. Players can switch his clothes to better blend with a crowd or get new powers.

Super Mario Odyssey supports many of the features that make the Nintendo Switch unique. Gamers can play the title without being docked to their television. It uses the HD rumble technology in the Joy-Cons to make the console vibrate in combat.

This game doesn’t have multiplayer. Users can remove the Joy-Con controllers from the side of their Switch to keep playing while their Switch sits on a table top.

Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo / Nintendo Today

The Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Odyssey work with Amiibo figures.

The Bowser, Mario and Peach Amiibo are all dressed for a wedding. Each unlocks costumes in the game. They have an Assist function too. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed what that feature does yet. These figures should launch in October when the game does.

Amiibo figures and cards from other games work in Super Mario Odyssey. There are hundreds of them on sale already.

Super Mario Odyssey Pre-Orders

Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop and Target all have Super Mario Odyssey pre-orders available for purchase today. The game costs $59.99. Pre-ordering guarantees shoppers get their game on time.

Gamers can’t buy a digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey in the Nintendo eShop today. The game should appear there by the end of the summer.

When We’ll See More Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo could have more of Super Mario Odyssey to show by the late summer. Expect another video detailing new features, at least. The company could announce special edition cases, Joy-Cons and bundles early in the fall too.

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Super Mario Odyssey Release Date, Features & Details is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.