Sony Announced PlayLink for Local Multiplayer Gaming On Mobile

By | 14th June 2017

Sony has announced PlayLink at E3 2017. In a nutshell, it’s a series of PlayStation 4 games that you can play with your friends using smartphones only. Players can use their devices to play local multiplayer games in the same room. It almost sounds like a blast from the past, reminding us of the era of Web-based gaming.

To take part in the action, you need a device with Android or iOS, a PS4, and a TV. A bunch of friends might come in handy too. After installing the PlayLink app and connecting to the Internet, you can play with your couch rivals. Compatible games support up to eight players.

Speaking of games, Sony announced five titles to support PlayLink right off the bat. Among them, you can find such games as That’s You!, SingStar Celebration, Frantics, Hidden Agenda, and Knowledge is Power. The first of them should have it premiere on July 4 for PlayStation Plus members. On the video below you can see some gameplay and get to understand the PlayLink concept better.

In some games, the players decide what will happen next. For instance, the Hidden Agenda is a horror game in which a group of players will be part of the decision-making process. Each player will get unique private information to their smartphones. The game is developed by the team behind the hit Until Dawn for PS4.

It’s nice to see Sony taking advantage of mobile devices in a way that synergizes so well with their party game line-up. We don’t know much about the pricing (these games will surely cost a bit), but PlayLink should alleviate the necessity of buying multiple Dual Shock controllers for mere party games for multiple players.

Source: Sony