Twitter update rolling out with refreshed UI, real time retweet counts, and more

Twitter app Android icon

Today’s a big day for Twitter, as the company is rolling out a brand new look across its desktop and mobile apps.

The new-look Twitter brings with it some notable design changes that the company hopes will make it easier to use Twitter. These changes include a “more consistent” typography, bolder headlines, and rounded profile photos, the last of which Twitter hopes will “make it clearer to see what’s being said and who’s saying it.”

Twitter new look update

Twitter is also updating the icons in its apps to make them more intuitive. The company explains that some people thought that the reply icon, which was previously an arrow, meant delete or would go back a page. Now Twitter has updated the reply icon to a speech bubble to make its meaning more clear. Twitter has also made its icons lighter.

In its Android and iOS apps, Twitter is making reply, retweet, and like counts update instantly. This means that you can track how a tweet is doing in real time.

iOS users are getting a few other goodies today. This includes a side navigation menu that’ll be home to things like your profile, lists, Moments, and settings. This also means that you’ll see fewer tabs at the bottom of the app. 

Twitter new look side menu

Also coming to iOS users is support for the Safari viewer. This means that if you open a link to a website in the Twitter app, any accounts that you might’ve been signed into in Safari will still be logged in while you’re browsing with the Twitter app.

Rounding out this Twitter update is more accessibility options, like increased color contrast, and the ability to use filters and stickers on your profile image.

This update is now rolling out across, Twitter Lite, TweetDeck, and the Twitter apps for Android and iOS. If you don’t see the new-look Twitter on your device quite yet, give it a few days and it should appear.

What do you think of Twitter’s new look?