Which of These OnePlus 5 Prototypes Do You Prefer Over the Current Design?

The OnePlus 5 has been practically released, thanks to OnePlus’s massive ad campaign in India. The design of the phone is no longer a secret, and healthy comparisons have been made to Oppo devices and their original inspiration, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

The final design of the new OnePlus flagship will invite plenty of subjective opinions ranging from adoration to hate. But what if OnePlus could have chosen a different design?

The Verge had the opportunity to check out some of the design prototypes of the OnePlus 5. These are obviously prototypes which never saw the light of the day. But one can’t help wonder how the market would react if the OnePlus 5 looked like one of these instead.

So we ask you,

Which of these OnePlus 5 prototypes do you like? What is the standout feature of your choice? Would you prefer it over the current design? Or should OnePlus have opted for something entirely different than any of these? What would your ideal design be like?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!