Did you pick LG’s G6 over Samsung’s Galaxy S8?


The LG G6 arrived on the scene before Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, and even before HTC got around to launching its popular U11 handset. Similar to Samsung, but unlike HTC, LG went with a minimized bezel design, which means it's a big phone, with a big display, but it doesn't necessarily feel like a big phone. It also packs in plenty of high-end specifications, even if it is lacking against the competition when it comes to the processor.

I couldn't help but notice that after the G6 was announced, and especially after it was reviewed, it almost felt like LG was simply getting ignored for the most part, because other companies were also launching flagship phones. Which, I'll admit, made sense when it happened last year, because the G5 was so focused on modularity it lost sight of other, perhaps more important things. But the G6 is a solid phone, and it can certainly go up against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the HTC U11, even if it doesn't have the newest, most powerful processor under the hood.

The display on the G6 is good enough all on its own, in fact.

Don't get me wrong here, I love the display on the Galaxy S8. It's ridiculous in all the right ways. In fact, the Galaxy S8 is the first Samsung phone in a very long time that I'm a huge fan of, so credit where credit is due. But that doesn't somehow lessen the impressiveness of the G6 from the Life's Good crew, or that phone's display. It isn't an OLED panel (LG is reportedly switching to OLED later this year, though), but, again, I don't think that should somehow be a negative for LG.

The U11 has been a hit for HTC, a return to the norm some might say, and I think those same folks could say the same for LG and the G6. The company fell back quite a bit with the G5, but the G6 is a solid phone, one worthy of a customer's money if they were so inclined to pick one up.

I want to hear from the folks out there that picked up an LG G6 in spite of the Samsung Galaxy S8 being available, or the HTC U11 launching. And, if you did, do you still have it? Are you happy with the purchase? The reason I'm bringing this up is because while I was in a carrier retail store recently, someone returned their LG G6 and opted to go with the Galaxy S8 instead. The rep didn't even ask why they were making the switch, nor did the customer offer up a reason. I wanted to ask them, but I felt like that wasn't my job -- and the rep didn't seem to care much at all.

LG, like HTC, seems to be on the right path, both companies launching worthwhile phones that can take on the competition. And that momentum should help both in the future, too, with whatever flagship phones replace these latest models in 2018.

Are you happy with the G6 so far? What would you change about it if you could, or what would you like to see LG include in the G7 next year? Let me know!