Sprint Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC U11 get updates to improve download speeds

Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on video

Sprint has confirmed that it recently gave Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC U11 devices on its network a speed boost.

Since the start of June, Sprint has been pushing a firmware update to Galaxy S8 devices to increase their network speeds. “There was a miscalculation in the software that was reading the device, so it turned away from band 41 before it should,” explained Ryan Sullivan, VP of product engineering and development at Sprint. This issue with the Snapdragon 835 radio code caused Galaxy S8s to fall back to the slower bands 25 and 26.

Following this update, the folks at PCMag found that download speeds on the Sprint Galaxy S8 jumped from around 21.9Mbps to 26.4Mbps. Upload speeds weren’t affected by the update.

The HTC U11 on Sprint was also affected by these changes, going from 19.2Mbps download speeds to 27.9Mbps.

Increased download speeds are always great to hear about, both for the carrier and the customer, but they’re especially important for Sprint. It’s currently in fourth place among the four major U.S. carriers, and it’s also been working to improve public perception about its network performance. It’s good to hear that Sprint is working to improve performance on its flagship devices, especially when it results in meaningful improvements like what Galaxy S8 and U11 owners are getting.