Sprint Flex program aims you give you more choice when buying a phone

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Sprint today revealed a new smartphone purchase program that aims to give customers flexibility when it comes to getting a new device.

Sprint Flex lets customers get a phone and then decide later on if they want to upgrade to a new device, return their old device, continue leasing their existing device, or purchase the existing device outright. With this program, you start out by choosing a device and making monthly payments on it.

With iPhone Forever and Galaxy Forever, you can upgrade yearly at no additional charge. Customers with other devices can pay $5 per month to upgrade to a new phone every ear.

Once you reach the 18-month mark, you can return your device and upgrade to a new one, purchase the phone by making one final lump payment, or purchase the phone and make six more monthly payments.

Sprint has been offering leases on its smartphones for awhile now, and so Sprint Flex is the next step in its evolution of offerings. The option to pay $5 per month to upgrade every year is a nice option for folks that love to get new phones, but if you’re not interested in adding to your monthly bill, you can wait a few more months and upgrade at no extra charge.

Also announced today is Sprint Deals. This program offers a “value menu” of smartphones that customers can get on a postpaid plan.

With Sprint Deals, customers that receive credit from Sprint can pay $25 down and $5 per month for entry-level devices or $30 down and $10 per month for higher-end devices. Meanwhile, customers who skip a credit check can get half off the price of an entry-level phone or 25 percent off a higher-end device on a prepaid plan.