Amazon may be prepping new messaging app called Anytime

Amazon Anytime messaging app leak

There’s no shortage of messaging apps on the market, but it looks like another one may be coming soon from a major player.

Amazon may be prepping a new messaging app called Anytime. The mega retailer has been surveying customers about this new messaging service, according to images shared by AFTVnews, and it’s been teasing several features that Anytime could offer.

Anytime would offer text chat with friends and groups as well as voice and video calling, claims the images from Amazon’s survey. Also included would be encrypted messaging for when you share important details, support for stickers and GIFs, photo filters, chatting with businesses, and challenging friends to games. 

Amazon’s survey says that users could sign up for Anytime using a name rather than a phone number. The service would be offered on desktop as well as on Android and iPhone devices.

It’s worth pointing out that Amazon hasn’t officially announced Anytime, so it’s possible that this service will never actually be released. The fact that Amazon created these graphics and details and also put Anytime in a survey shows that the company is at least interested in getting into the messaging game, though. The thing is that that market is already packed with big name competitors like Google, Apple, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others, so even someone like Amazon could face a tough battle to get a significant number of people to use a new messaging service.

What do you think of this Amazon Anytime leak? Would you try the service out if it actually launched?