Essential Phone U.S. launch is ‘imminent’, also coming to U.K., Europe, and Japan

Essential Phone black official

We’re still waiting for the Essential Phone to launch in the U.S., and now it’s been revealed that folks in a few other parts of the globe are going to be waiting with us.

The Essential Phone will be sold in the U.K., western Europe, and Japan, says a report from the Financial Times. There’s no word on when the device will launch in those regions, but it's said that Essential did recently meet with U.K. carriers including EE to settle on a launch date.

As for the U.S., Essential COO Niccolo de Masi says that the U.S. release is “imminent.”

When Essential CEO Andy Rubin first announced the Essential Phone, he said the device would begin shipping in the next 30 days. That means that it should’ve started going out by the end of June, but obviously that timeframe came and went without any launch. There’s quite a lot of hype surrounding the Essential Phone, so it’s good to hear that the U.S. launch is close.

Are you excited for the launch of the Essential Phone?