HTC U11 gains support for Amazon Alexa assistant

HTC U11 Amazing Silver

We usually think of Amazon’s Alexa assistant as being on Echo devices, but now it’s available on a product from a different company.

The HTC U11 now supports Amazon Alexa. To get the new assistant onto your U11, you’ll need to snag the HTC Alexa app from the Play Store. The app is only supported in the U.S. right now, but support for the U.K. and Germany is coming soon.

To access Alexa on the HTC U11, you can say “Alexa” and the assistant will appear. You can also use the HTC U11’s Edge Sense feature to squeeze the sides of the phone and access Alexa that way.

HTC U11 Amazon Alexa assistant

With Alexa, HTC U11 owners can control services like Amazon Music and Audible, ask questions, control smart home products, and use skills from the Alexa Skills Store.

HTC said when it introduced the U11 that Alexa support was in the works, so it’s good to see that feature launch in the months following the U11’s release. Now HTC U11 customers have access to Alexa and Google Assistant. And while some folks might be happy with Google’s Assistant, those that rely on Echo devices at home may prefer Alexa.

If you’ve got an HTC U11, are you going to try Alexa on your phone?