Crowdfunding project of the week: ALL Controller works with any device

By | 6th August 2017

It’s Crowdfunding Sunday and here at Android Authority we have been scouting the internet for the best campaigns in websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Ready for today’s featured tech gadget? Let’s jump right in.

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Gamers know finding the right controller is nearly impossible. There are plenty of options out there, but that is actually part of the problem. Some controllers don’t work with certain platforms, making your gamepad drawer a complete mess. Not to mention that controllers aren’t exactly the cheapest, which means buying them for all your devices can get pricey.

Enter the ALL Controller, a gamepad that is claimed to work with… all platforms. This includes gaming consoles, computers and mobile devices. It even works with games not intended to be played with a gaming pad, as it does support button mapping, as well as mouse/keyboard mode. As far as connectivity goes, it kind of supports it all. You can connect via Bluetooth, USB or wireless dongle (for consoles).

The accessory does have full macros support, sensitivity customization, profiles and more. You can truly make this controller yours, and then take it to any game, in any console. That is something any gamer should be interested in.

If you want in, you can sign up for one for as low a $55. Just head over to Kickstarter and get all the details. Beware they won’t be shipping until May 2018, though.

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