Android O reveal happening August 21st

Android O hands-on Google Pixel XL

After releasing a handful of developer previews, Google is finally ready to unleash Android O to the masses.

Google has launched an Android O countdown page, announcing that it’ll reveal Android O on August 21st. The livestream will kick off at 2:40 pm ET on that date to coincide with the total solar eclipse.

Google doesn’t share any new info about Android O on its countdown page, saying only that it’s “bringing some super (sweet) new powers”. So the official name/dessert of Android O is still a mystery.

Android O brings with it several new features, including picture-in-picture for smartphones, the ability to snooze notifications, and an auto-fill API. Now that we know Google will reveal Android O on August 21st, it’s possible that Nexus and Pixel owners will begin receiving their official update on that date or shortly thereafter, as the rumor mill suggested it will.

For a preview of what Android O is all about, check out our hands-on video for a walkthrough of the update.