Tekken Mobile soft launches in Canada, pre-register for its US release

Tekken remains one of the most popular fighting-themed video game franchises ever made. Today, publisher Namco Bandai soft-launched a smartphone entry in the series, Tekken Mobile, in Canada, ahead of its worldwide launch later this year.

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April 21, 2017

Today’s announcement also came with a brief gameplay trailer, showing off some of the many colorful, and powerful, characters in the Tekken franchise battling each other with some solid graphics. If you live in Canada, you can download this early version of the game for Android right now in the Google Play Store. If you live anywhere else, you can still pre-register your interest at the official Tekken Mobile site. The more folks that do pre-register, the more Namco Bandai will unlock some special in-game content for when the fighting game does launch worldwide, including XP boosters, health packs and a “secret character exclusive” for when the highest level of pre-registrations is reached.

Based on the web site, Tekken Mobile will not only offer console-like fighting game features, but will also allow players to collect a number of characters that can be used in teams to defeat enemies online. There will also be ways to upgrade your characters with higher stats and more abilities.

It will be interesting to see if Tekken’s large console fan base will be attracted to the kind of free-to-play gameplay that Tekken Mobile will offer on phones? Are you a Tekken fan and, if so, will you be checking out this game when it is released worldwide? Let us know in the comments!