Sony may have to offer partial refunds for “waterproof” devices in the US

Sony is being hit with a class action lawsuit over some devices that were claimed to be waterproof. The devices in question were actually water resistant, which means that even taking them into the pool could cause water intrusion. Just because it can survive under a few feet of water doesn’t mean it will survive the pressure of being moved around in that water.

Due to this potential false advertising, the class action lawsuit is seeking either a 12-month warranty extension or a 50% refund of the retail price. These figures aren’t final as Sony has not agreed to final terms. Here is the list of affected devices (including both WiFi and LTE tablets):

The lawsuit only applies to models in the US, so international Sony Xperia owners need not apply. Hit the source link for more info about the class action lawsuit and sign up by January 30, 2018 if you’re eligible. Let us know if you’ve had any issues with your Sony’s water resistance!