HTC U11 Edge Sense update will give you more customization options

By | 7th September 2017
HTC U11 Amazing Silver official

The HTC U11 launched with a new feature called Edge Sense, which allows you to perform actions by squeezing the sides of the phone. For example, you can squeeze once to launch the Camera app and squeeze again to take a photo. Now HTC is getting ready to seriously expand Edge Sense’s capabilities.

HTC is updating Edge Sense to let you set up squeezes to perform taps and double taps in individual apps. So, for example, you could set up the Spotify app to allow you to squeeze once to toggle the play/pause button, or you can set up Google Maps to zoom in and out when you squeeze the U11.

When this feature is enabled, you’ll one able to go into the Edge Sense settings, add a new app, and then set up the tap and double tap actions. 

HTC U11 Edge Sense in app customizations

HTC says that this feature will roll out as a beta update to Edge Sense in the Play Store starting tonight, September 7th.

This sounds like a great update to Edge Sense on the HTC U11. While the idea of squeezing your phone to perform actions might sound weird or gimmicky at first, the ability to bind your squeezes to taps and double taps in individual apps could help you to become an HTC U11 power user. We’ll just have to wait and see how well Edge Sense and its customizable squeeze feature works with other apps.

Do you have an HTC U11? If so, how often do you use Edge Sense?