Best Xbox One X Deals

Best Xbox One X Deals is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

The best Xbox One X deals will help make Microsoft’s high-end gaming console more affordable when it launches on November 7th. With some discounts, you could spend as little as $319 on the Xbox One X.

Today, all Xbox One X deals require that you trade your current console toward the purchase of the Xbox One X. To know if you’re getting a good deal, just subtract the amount of credit you get for your trade from the Xbox One X’s final price. Without any discounts, the Xbox One X costs $499 to reserve today. That’s $200 more than the Xbox One S with 1TB of storage and $250 more than an Xbox One S with 500GB of storage.

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The Xbox One X owes its high price tag to the upgraded graphics processor and other pieces of hardware that power it. Most gaming systems upscale their standard resolution on a 4K television set. This console is powerful enough that it doesn’t have to do that. Dozens of enhanced Xbox games will have full 4K visuals, high-dynamic color contrast and shorter loading times on the Xbox One X.

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Use the best Xbox One X deals to save money on the new console.

Best Xbox One X Deals

All the best Xbox One X deals don’t require a membership, but some do. They do all have expiration dates, so you need to take advantage of them before they expire. Also, you must place a pre-order now to lock in the savings they provide. That’s because the Xbox One X is still weeks away from launch, and the console will get harder to find as its November 7th launch gets closer.

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Xbox One X Deals & Trade-Ins

After release, things may change, but for now, console trade-ins are the best way to save on an Xbox One X.

A console trade works exactly like video game trade-ins. After clearing your console, you sell it to a retailer who confirms that your content is gone. Some retailers give you store credit for your trade. Other stores give you cash for your used console. You can use either cash or the store credit toward the Xbox One X.

GameStop, the world’s biggest gaming store, has an Xbox One X deal running that saves its PowerUp Rewards Pro members an extra $50. All you need to do is trade an Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch. You can pocket the cash for an Xbox One X pre-order closer to release, or apply it to a pre-order immediately.

Trading an Xbox One S with 500GB of storage gets you $140 toward the cost of your Xbox One X. An Xbox One S with 1TB storage nets you $165 towards your new console. The Limited Edition Xbox One S with 2TB of storage gets you a $180 discount on the Xbox One X. So, if you traded an Xbox One S with 2TB of storage, your Xbox One X would cost $319 before taxes.

This Xbox One X deal only lasts until September 16th, and shoppers need a console that’s in working order. GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro costs $14.99 a year. It also unlocks a year-long Game Informer subscription and 10% off discounts on used games and accessories.

Best Buy isn’t boosting the value of console trades. However, the electronics retailer still offers a lot for your trade-in. You can only get store credit through their program, unlike GameStop’s trade-in program.

An Xbox One S with 1TB of storage gets you a $100 discount on the Xbox One X pre-order at Best Buy. Trading an Xbox One S with 2TB of storage saves you $150. A 500GB Xbox One S only unlocks a $75 discount. The most you’d need to pay at Best Buy after a console trade is $349.

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When Used, Refurbished and Bigger Xbox One X Deals May Arrive

Because the Xbox One X hasn’t launched, the discounts that would usually help you save on the console haven’t arrived yet. Don’t worry though, expect these discounts to arrive later this year or early next year.

Retailers could have small discounts on Xbox One X consoles and related accessories in late November or early December. This is to attract shoppers during the holiday shopping season. That’s when shoppers tend to buy more video games and more video game consoles.

By February, GameStop, eBay and even Craigslist could have used and refurbished Xbox One X consoles for sale. Some gamers may want to sell the expensive console by then.

5 Exciting Xbox One X Features Worth Upgrading For

Better Looking Xbox Games on HDTVs with Super-Sampling

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Better Looking Xbox Games on HDTVs with Super-Sampling

Microsoft continues to emphasize the enhanced visuals that Xbox One X buyers get with a 4K television, but the company has not done a great job of telling people about super-sampling. With super-sampling, you get better looking games without a 4K television.

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Super-sampling improves how the space around in-game characters looks, according to Microsoft. That is, characters look like they’re part of their environment instead of being on top of it. Because super-sampling works with high-definition televisions, there’s no need to spend money on an expensive 4K television when you’re not sure how much 4K gaming you will do on the system.

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Best Xbox One X Deals is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

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