T-Mobile named fastest U.S. mobile carrier by new Wirefly report

By | 11th September 2017

Today, Wirefly announced the results of their 2017 Internet Speed Rankings, which are derived from users all over the country who run the Wirefly Speed Test on their smartphone.

Wirefly's 2017 Internet Speed Rankings are a joint research partnership with SourceForge, the leading open source software repository on the web.

The Wirefly 2017 Internet Speed Rankings Report ranked the speed of United States carriers like this:

  1. T-Mobile - 21.06
  2. Verizon Wireless - 20.91
  3. AT&T - 16.33
  4. Sprint - 14.82

The Fastest Mobile Download Speeds By Carrier

This year, T-Mobile was named the fastest mobile carrier based Wirefly Speed Test data.

  1. T-Mobile - 22.18 Mbps
  2. Verizon Wireless - 21.45 Mbps
  3. AT&T - 17.00 Mbps
  4. Sprint - 15.76 Mbps

The Fastest Mobile Upload Speeds By Carrier

This year, Verizon Wireless was named the carrier with the fastest mobile upload speed based on Wirefly Speed Test data.

  1. Verizon Wireless - 16.06 Mbps
  2. T-Mobile - 11.06 Mbps
  3. AT&T - 10.23 Mbps
  4. Sprint - 6.35 Mbps

Overall Mobile Download and Upload Speed

The Wirefly data reports that average mobile download speed in the United States is 19.76 Mbps, while average mobile upload speed is 12.44 Mbps.

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