Ten Useful Apps For Android

By | 11th September 2017

The past couple of years have marked a significant boom in the evolution and development of smartphone applications. From the most helpful and innovative ones, to the funniest yet less useful, each of extremely large variety of apps currently available in the Play Store presents its own degree of ingenuity. While it is quite easy to spot the most entertaining ones, recent surveys and statistics have finally revealed the most useful applications for Android operating systems, of 2017. 10. The Tiny Flashlight As long as your phone is camera equipped, this incredibly easy to use app will use it for an extremely bright flashlight. It is the best and most simple flashlight application so far, and it might always come in handy at those late hours, when the sun has set. 9. InsWall- Wallpapers While there are those who will argue on the utility of wallpapers, InsWall is definitely the most complete app of this sorts. With an improved TintWall, and even better Wallpaper Editor and numerous Customization modes, InsWall...

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