Android Nougat usage grows and other versions fall in Google’s latest distribution report

By | 12th September 2017
Android Nougat Easter egg logo

Google today released its latest Android platform distribution stats, and it’s more good news for Nougat.

During the 7-day period ending on September 11th that Google was monitoring the Play Store, the company found that 15.8 percent of Android devices were running Nougat. That’s up from 13.5 percent in August.

Usage of Android Marshmallow dropped slightly during that same period, finishing at 32.2 percent, while Android Lollipop fell to 28.8 percent usage.

Android platform distribution September 2017

Android KitKat dropped, too, finishing at 15.1 percent usage for the week, while Android Jelly Bean slipped to 6.9 percent usage. Both Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Gingerbread usage fell as well, with both versions finishing at 0.6 percent usage.

While Nougat is still only the third most used version of Android, it’s still good to see usage of Nougat grow substantially, especially as usage of all other versions fall. There’s no Android Oreo on this report, but now that it’s started rolling out to devices, we could see it appear on Google’s report next month.

Which version of Android are you currently running?