Cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 revealed

By | 12th September 2017
Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch series 3 is officially among the many announcements to come from the new Steve Jobs Theater today.

Although the device looks almost identical to generations one and two, there is one major change: cellular capabilities, which will allow users to make calls, send messages, use GPS, and any of the other data-connected apps that work with Apple Watch.

The new Apple Watch seamlessly switches between iPhone and Watch when you walk away from your iPhone. The new Watch comes with a faster dual-core processor and a new W2 chip, which provides 80% faster Wi-Fi with 50% more power efficiency. Siri will now be able to speak out loud as well.

In addition to the series 3 Apple Watch, watchOS 4 details were given as well. Some notable changes coming with watchOS 4 is enhancements to the HR app, such as notification of elevated heart rate when the user doesn’t appear to be active, and information regarding recovery heart rate.

Apple Heart Study is another new feature that aims to help users with irregular heartbeats, which may occur even when users aren’t aware. Constant irregular heartbeats may signal atrial fibrillation, which poses an increased risk for stroke. Apple Heart Study analyzes data and can notify users when these irregularities may be of concern.

Apple Music will be also support streaming through Apple Watch series 3.

There are two different variants of the series 3 watch: one with cellular, and one without. The cellular version will cost $399, and the Wi-Fi only variant will cost $329. The series 2 watch will receive a permanent price drop to $249.

Pre-orders for the series 3 watch begin on September 15 and will be available on September 22.