Samsung aiming to launch foldable Galaxy Note phone in 2018

By | 12th September 2017
Samsung foldable smartphone concept

We’ve been hearing for years that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone, but 2018 might finally be the year that we see the device come to market.

Samsung is aiming to launch a foldable Galaxy Note smartphone in 2018, says Samsung Electronics mobile president Koh Dong-jin. “As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year,” he explained. “When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product.”

Details on Samsung’s foldable smartphone are light, as are the problems that Samsung is running into with the design. A foldable smartphone would be a pretty interesting device in a world of black slab phones, though, as it would offer up a new form factor.

Koh also reaffirmed that Samsung is working on a smart speaker. The AI-powered device will let you play music and perform other tasks, and Samsung is working with Harman on the project.