Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets 650,000 pre-orders in 5 days

By | 12th September 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands-on video

Days after Samsung said that the Galaxy Note 8 set a pre-order record in the U.S., some more details on the new flagship’s order numbers have come out.

There were about 650,000 Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders over five days from around 40 countries. That beat the number of Note 7 pre-orders over five days by about 2.5 times, says Samsung.

DJ Koh, Samsung Electronics’ mobile business head, described the initial consumer response to the Note 8 as “very encouraging.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was well received when it launched last year, but some owners began reporting units that overheated and caught fire, which eventually led to the Note 7 getting recalled and discontinued. There were a lot of questions about how consumers would respond to the Note 8, but it sounds like Samsung’s apology and its 8-Point Battery Safety Check has assuaged any concerns that consumers might’ve had.

Did you pre-order a Note 8?