The Best iPhone 8 Cases in 2018

By | 13th September 2017

The Best iPhone 8 Cases in 2018 is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The best iPhone 8 cases will protect your new iPhone, make up for the lack of iPhone 8 color choices and keep that all glass back safe from drops and scratches. There are a ton of cool new iPhone 8 features and reasons to upgrade to the new iPhone and if you do, you’ll likely want a case.

Yes, you can use an iPhone 8 case and still use wireless charging. Yes you can use an iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s case on the iPhone 8, but if you are looking for an all new case to add some flair or functionality to your new iPhone 8 here are the best options. This includes the new color options Apple just announced.

I’ve gone hands on with these iPhone 8 cases, or they come from my favorite brands that you can trust to keep your iPhone safe. This list includes iPhone 8 cases from $13.99 to $89.99. There are rugged iPhone 8 cases, super slim iPhone 8 cases and fashionable iPhone 8 cases.

The iPhone 8 starts at $699 and if you don’t get AppleCare+ for $129, there’s a very good case to be made for protecting your expensive smartphone no matter how durable the glass is.

Here are the best iPhone 8 cases that you can buy to protect your phone, add a flash of style and get some added functionality on your new iPhone. Make sure you check out the best iPhone 8 screen protectors as well.

Speck Presidio Ultra iPhone 8 Case

Generally when you have to pick an iPhone 8 case you have to choose between style and durability or thickness and protection. Speck already did a great job of delivering just enough protection and a lot of style, and the new Presidio Ultra for iPhone 8 takes this to another level.

This is a multi-part iPhone 8 case that allows you to carry a Speck Slim Presidio case on your phone at all times. This slim case includes a raised bezel a great amount of protection and easy clickable buttons. There is a large opening for charging and lear access to the speakers.

When you need more protection — like when working out, going outdoors or being more active — you can snap on the include Impactium Ultra Bumper. This adds another layer of shock protection from drops, added screen protection on the front of your iPhone 8 and also keeps dust and debris out of the charging port.

It’s a slim iPhone 8 case all the time and a rugged iPhone 8 case when you need it, without the need for two cases. There’s even a holster included to secure it to you or to use as a kickstand.

$29.99 at Amazon

Case-Mate Luminescent iPhone 8 Case

Do you want an iPhone 8 case that calls attention to itself and to you? The Case-Mate Luminescent iPhone 8 case is a light up case that looks incredible and that you won’t find from anyone else.

The clear back contains crystals and a starburst design and at the bottom is an LED that you can turn on to light up the back of the case.

Choose from a 5 minute lightup session to one that lasts until you turn it off. You charge the case with Micro USB, and it does not use any iPhone battery to light up.

$57 at Amazon

Apple Leather iPhone 8 Case

The official leather iPhone 8 case is one of the best cases you can buy and now it is available in three exciting new colors for Spring.

The leather iPhone 8 case is slim and fits tightly on your iPhone, offering a nice level of protection without adding any real bulk. These leather cases will wear over time to add a patina to the case that is unique to your iPhone.

There is a microfiber interior to keep the iPhone free from scratches and the outer is made from European leather. You can choose from 13 color options, including orange, blue, yellow, soft pink and other natural leather colors.

$49 at Apple

x-doria Defense iPhone 8 Case

The x-doria iPhone 8 case defense series of cases are amazing. The Defense Lux case that comes in three finishes that look and feel amazing. The Ballistic Nylon Black Carbon iPhone 8 cases are eye-catching and very protective. There’s also a leather back option if that’s more your style.

All of these Defense iPhone 8 cases are rated to survive protect 10 foot drops to concrete and include a sound channel that helps boost the iPhone 8 speaker.

In addition to looking incredibly cool, the Black Carbon is very grippy so the iPhone 8 is easy to hold onto and the phone stays in place on a table. The front edge extends past the screen to keep the screen off of a table top and helps with protection from drops. The case snaps on and off easily, includes nice buttons and a wide opening for the charging port.

$34.95 at Amazon

Case-Mate Karat Petals

If you are looking for an iPhone 8 case that looks absolutely fabulous, you have to check out the Case-Mate collection including the Karat Petals cases.

The Karat Petals and Karat Pearl iPhone 8 cases are made with real Mother of Pearl or real Flower Petals and no two Karat Petals cases are alike. These cases look incredible and you in addition to looking good offer a lot of protection.

You get a two part design that combines a hard case with a flexible bumper so that you get added protection. The case features anti-scratch tech so that you son’t need to worry about the look of this case fading fast.

You can pick this up in a range of color options and there is a lifetime warranty on the case. I like the metal button covers and that you can easily access the lightning port. I’ve been testing this in a larger iPhone 8 Plus size and love it.

$45 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case

The iPhone 8 Silicone case from Apple is updated with new colors and it’s a perfect option to keep your iPhone safe from small drops and from scratches.

I’ve been using an older orange silicone iPhone case from Apple, and it’s one of our favorite. It is slim, fits perfectly and it has a soft interior so it’s not going to get scratched when you put the phone in the case. The exterior is soft, but still offers enough grip to hang onto easily.

I’m also a fan of the cool new color. Keep in mind Apple rotates some of these out after a short time, so if you want the purple one you should act fast. Apple added three new colors for Spring 2018 including denim blue, red raspberry and lemonade.

$34.95 at Apple

Caseology Parallax iPhone 8 Case

Are you looking for an awesome, but affordable iPhone 8 case? The Caseology Parallax iPhone 8 Case is one of the best you will find.

The case looks very nice, it’s easy to hang onto and it uses a two piece design that helps deliver better protection for your iPhone.

I can’t believe that you can get this great iPhone 8 case for under $15.

$12.99 at Amazon

tech21 iPhone 8 Cases

The tech21 Evo Check and Evo Check Evoke iPhone 8 cases are at the top of our list if you want a great iPhone 8 case with a lot of protection.

The Evo Check is a thin and light iPhone 8 case with a check pattern. I love how the check pattern on tech21 cases looks on our iPhones, because it adds what appears to be a texture on your iPhone back, without actually adding something you feel while holding it.

With the Evo Check Evoke Edition, you can add a cool floral design to the iPhone in blue or pink. This offers the same level of protection, and still includes checks, but it is a little more stylish.

$39.95 and $49.95 at tech21

tech21 iPhone 8 Evo Wallet

The Tech21 Evo Wallet is an awesome iPhone 8 case that can protect the iPhone 8 from big and small drops while holding your cash and cards inside.

I drop tested the iPhone 8 with this case, throwing it down the stairs and dropping it from 10 feet and it survived with no damage to the iPhone despite many drops. This case will protect your iPhone 8 from most drops and daily use.

Inside is room for a few cards and for cash and there is a small flap that protects the screen. I like that you can make calls with the front of the case closed for added protection.

$49.95 at tech21

OtterBox iPhone 8 Cases

The full line of OtterBox iPhone 8 cases impresses us, just as their iPhone 7 cases did. There are a lot of options including the higher protection Defender, but our favorite OtterBox iPhone 8 case is the Pursuit.

This two piece case protects from drops, dirt and snow and you can attach an optional lanyard to hang onto or to secure it to a belt loop when you are out and about. The case protects from drops using an impact liner to absorb the blow.

A port cover keeps the iPhone Lightning port clean and the case is thin enough that wireless charging still works. There is no built-in screen protector, but you can add one to this case. I especially like the mute toggle on this iPhone 8 case.

$38 at Amazon

Lifeproof iPhone 8 Waterproof Case

The iPhone 8 is water resistant, which is good for accidental exposure and even complete submersion, but Apple cautions that this is not permanent and repeated exposure to water may degrade the protection.

If you plan to take your iPhone 8 to the beach or if you want to take photos underwater with your iPhone, you will want to make sure that you have a waterproof iPhone 8 case.

Lifeproof makes a great option with the Fre, which offers complete wrap around protection for the iPhone 8. This case is waterproof and includes connectivity options for an armband, bike mount and suction mount.

$49 and Up at Amazon

JIMMYCase iPhone 8 Wallet Case

The JIMMYCase iPhone 8 wallet case is the best iPhone wallet case you can buy. I’ve used it on the iPhone 7 Plus for almost a year and it looks great and holds up to the abuse of an extra card easily.

If you’re sick of iPhone wallet cases that only allow 2 or 3 cards, the JimmyCase is your new best friend. The elastic pocket holds six cards and cash securely. It offers a good amount of protection for your iPhone and if you need to stick a seventh card in while traveling this case has your back.

The wood back is beautiful and wears just enough over time to deliver a great look without degrading. The elastic is available in 14 different color combinations to match your style.

$39.99 at JIMMYCase

Thin iPhone 8 Case from Peel

If you are looking for a super thin iPhone 8 case, look no further than Peel. This case is skin tight and offers a super clean look for your iPhone 8 while adding scratch protection and some drop protection.

Available in seven color options it’s also a great way to add a splash of color, or a jet black look, to your iPhone 8. With only three color options this year, you’ll need a case if you want your iPhone 8 to stand out.

The case is only 0.35mm thick, and it wraps perfectly around your iPhone. There is a small lip to protect the camera lens and that’s about it.

$25 at Peel

Nodus Shell iPhone 8 Case

The Nodus Shell Case for the iPhone 8 is a slim, leather iPhone 8 case that includes a magnetic docking system which allows you to mount it to the included Micro Dock.

The small dock attaches almost anywhere thanks to a powerful adhesive, and then you can stick your iPhone 8 on a wall in your kitchen or garage, or anywhere you need to watch something hands free or take a call with no hands.

Available in four colors, the vegetable tanned Italian leather holds up well over time and offers a decent amount of protection in a very slim form factor.

£49.99 at Nodus

Carved Wood iPhone 8 Cases

Carved makes amazing wood iPhone 8 cases that look amazing thanks to a mix of wood and inlaid seashell or other awesome materials.

There are handmade from a single block of wood, Live Edge iPhone 8 wood cases that are $99 and up. These are made in Indiana and are legitimately one of a kind. Just look at these cases and you’ll understand why they are on this list.

The iPhone 8 Traveler cases combine wood and seashell to deliver amazing designs and styles. Awesome carvings, and inlaid shells make these iPhone 8 cases stand out and there’s even a recycled skateboard iPhone 8 case available.

$29 and up at Carved

Casetify X Essential Skin

The Casetify X Essential Skin is an incredibly thin iPhone 8 case. This is the world’s thinnest according to Casetify, and it’s only 0.45mm thick. That’s like sliding your iPhone 8 into a soft touch glove that will keep it safe from all scratches.

The matte finish also means you won’t see fingerprints or grease all over your phone. I’ve been using this on the iPhone 8 Plus and love how thin it is and all it offers without adding any thickness. Don’t count on much protection from drops, but it’s a solid option for minimalists who still want some protection and grip.

$25 at Casetify

Speck Clear iPhone 8 Case

The Speck Presidio Clear iPhone 8 case is a clear, but tough iPhone 8 case that shows off the iPhone 8 color and design while protecting your iPhone from drops.

Speck managed to make this new version even more clear than previous models while still delivering drop protection up to 8 feet. This case is designed to withstand UV yellowing, so you won’t end up with a weird yellow-ish iPhone 8 case after using it for a few months.

The case includes a scratch resistant coating, there is a 30 day guarantee that you will like it and there is a lifetime warranty.

$33 at Amazon

LifeProof SLAM iPhone 8 Case

The newest LifeProof iPhone 8 case protects your iPhone 8 from drops, while leaving the water protection to Apple. This means you can buy a more affordable case and still get a lot of protection.

The two-piece case design snaps on to your iPhone 8 securely to protect it from drops. The back is clear to show off your iPhone and the front edge is a protective rubber, while the back is tough with an accent color.

Buttons are covered up, and they take a little more force to activate than in other cases. You have full access to the Lightning port and the silence toggle. This is a nice looking case, and it is easy to hold onto. The clear back will pick up fingerprints, but thankfully I was able to install the iPhone without leaving any under the protective layer.

$49.99 at Amazon

SkinIt iPhone 8 Pro Case

If you love a sports team, super hero, artist or pop culture icon, SkinIt is your go to iPhone 8 case.

The SkinIt iPhone 8 Pro case protects your Phone with a soft inner layer and a hard outer layer. The hard outer layer is one that you can put a cool design on.

From professional sports team logos and team sayings to comic book characters, pop culture icons and other cool designs, SkinIt has you covered. For $5 more you can even put your own design on the case.

These cases offer a great deal of protection in a slim package with full access to buttons and the lightning port.

$34.99 at Skinit

Casetify X Essential Snap

The Casetify X Essential Snap iPhone 8 case is slim, but still very protective. If you need more protection than the Skin case, this is a great option. I’ve been using the iPhone X version of this case and it’s a perfect mix of protection and slim styling.

The soft touch finish makes it easy to grip, but it doesn’t get caught on your jeans when trying to put it in your pocket like some cases do. A soft inner lining prevents scratches. The case is just thick enough to get rid of the camera bump.

It reminds me of the Apple silicone case, but with a better feel and at half the price. It also works perfectly with wireless charging.

$35 at Casetify

The Best iPhone 8 Cases in 2018 is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.