Finix 2 App Officially Launched For Twitter, Priced at $2

By | 14th September 2017

Matteo Villa developed a third party application for the twitter named as Fenix, which was one of the best twitter users on Android one and a half year ago. After April 2016, it has been run few issues with twitter horrible token wall and removed from the Google Play store for rebuild the application. Recently, the updated third party application of Fenix launched as a preview app in May 2017 for beta testing, named as Fenix 2. Now, this app is available for $1.99 in the Play Store. Also, we have several third party apps to use for twitter such as Flamingo and Talon.

This new Finix app is completed revised, but you can feel like the old application regarding using. The Fenix 2 app is fully customizable theme in dark & light like a main twitter app, but you can do more customization controls over the front end of twitter, multi-account support, which provides to add more accounts to your twitter application for efficiently managing the accounts. Also, it has improved the conversation layouts, which gives a bit more visually appealing but it would be based on your requirements. Interestingly, the new third party application is likely more of an old Fenxi application, but it would be more modern.
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