Google Pixel 2 event officially happening October 4th

By | 14th September 2017

Looks like it’s official: Google’s got new phones coming next month.

Google today posted a video teaser called “Funny you should ask…” which shows someone typing questions about their smartphone into Google search. The questions include “What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?” and “Why doesn’t my phone understand me?”. The video ends by teasing something for October 4th.

Google has also launched a special webpage titled “Thinking about changing phones?” that tells us to “Stay tuned for more on October 4.”

While Google doesn’t come out and say that it’s going to announce new Pixel phones on October 4th, it seems likely that that’s what the company is teasing. Not only are these teasers phone-centric, but Google introduced the original Pixel and Pixel XL on October 4th last year, so we’re likely going to see the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 on October 4th, 2017.