Google Pixel XL 2 appears in FCC database, LG confirmed as manufacturer

By | 14th September 2017
Google Pixel XL 2 image leak

One month after the Google Pixel 2 was spied in the FCC, its larger sibling as also beed spotted making a stop at the Federal Communications Commission.

A device with the model number G011C has been spotted in the FCC, and it’s expected that this is the Google Pixel XL 2. To compare, the Google Pixel 2’s model number is G011A.

This FCC entry also confirms that LG is the manufacturer behind the Google Pixel XL 2. If you view the Request of Confidentiality included with this FCC listing, you’ll see that it comes from LG Electronics MobileComm USA.

Finally, the Pixel XL 2’s wireless support is revealed by this FCC entry. Included is CDMA, GSM, and LTE support. T-Mobile customers will be excited to see that T-Mo’s LTE band 66 is supported here, but they’ll then be disappointed because there’s no support for T-Mobile’s 600MHz/LTE band 71 airwaves.

Here’s the full list of wireless bands supported by the Pixel XL 2:

Google Pixel XL 2 FCC wireless bands

Google confirmed earlier today that it’ll host a phone-centric event on October 4th, which means that we’ll probably be introduced to the new Pixel phones there. As for features, the rumor mill has suggested that the Pixel XL 2 will boast a 6-inch AMOLED screen with slim bezels and a 2:1 aspect ratio, similar to the Galaxy S8 and G6.

As more details of the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 leak out, which of Google’s upcoming phones are you more interested in?