Apple Watch Series 3 data speeds limited to 512Kbps on T-Mobile

By | 15th September 2017
Apple Watch Series 3 official large

The Apple Watch Series 3 is coming to all four major U.S. carriers, but today a bit of news about T-Mobile came out that new Apple Watch owners will want to be aware of.

T-Mobile says that the Apple Watch Series 3 data speeds will max out at 512Kbps. That’s part of T-Mo’s Digits program, which lets you pair your phone number with your smartwatch to receive calls and texts on the device. The plan’s unlimited data limits smartwatches to 512Kbps.

Apple Watch Series 3 owners will pay $10 per month for T-Mobile’s Digits with autopay or $15 without. Customers can upgrade to high-speed data for their Apple Watch if they’d like, but it’ll cost $20 per month with autopay or $25 without.

The news that T-Mo will be limiting the Apple Watch Series 3 to 512Kbps on its network is kind of disappointing, especially since we haven’t heard of any other U.S. carrier doing this. It’s not likely that the Apple Watch Series 3 will perform many data-intensive tasks, so it’s kind of strange to see a limit placed on the device’s speeds.

What do you think of this news? Would you think twice about getting the Apple Watch Series 3 if your carrier limited its data speeds to 512Kbps?