The Essential Phone is now certified for Verizon’s network

By | 18th September 2017

Recently the Essential team held a Q&A session over on Reddit, and one of the questions revolved around official support for Verizon Wireless’ network and when the Essential Phone would get it.

At the time, the team said that they were finishing up the certification process for the handset and that it would be certified “soon.” Turns out “soon” was right around the corner, because almost immediately after that, the official Twitter account for Essential confirmed that the Essential Phone is “now compatible with the Verizon network.”

With the certification process complete, if you own an Essential Phone and have been wanting to use it on Verizon, you should be able to go into a Verizon retail store and get it activated without any issues.

So, good news on a Monday for Verizon customers that already have or plan on picking up the Essential Phone.