8 Handy Apps for Woodworking [Infographic]

By | 19th September 2017

Woodworking jobs often require a great deal of precision and care. Measurements need to be exact and tools should be appropriate for the task being completed; it isn’t just a case of ‘OK, that will do’. While all tradespeople will have a large supply of tools in readiness for any job, it can be tiring when you’re constantly transporting a cumbersome toolbox from one place to another. You might be able to lighten the load, though, thanks to the welcome presence of superb apps that can substitute perfectly for various tools. A spirit level is one such example. It’s light and nimble, but usually requires plenty of space given its length and its total inflexibility. With apps like Stanley Level and iHandy Carpenter, you can leave out the spirit level if toolbox space is tight, as these contain technological alternatives which can do just as good a job. It isn’t just a marriage of convenience, either; these apps guarantee accurate readings which you can trust. On the subject of accuracy,...

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