NVIDIA SHIELD TV bundle with remote now available for just $179

By | 21st September 2017

In a move that should come as no surprise, NVIDIA has countered the 4K Apple TV with a 16GB NVIDIA SHIELD TV bundle that includes the remote and matches the price of Apple’s offering at $179.

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV has been far and away the best supported and most appealing offering in the Android TV world for some time now and the company has wisely pushed down its price point to stay competitive.

In terms of a feature by feature comparison, there is nothing that really holds a candle to the SHIELD TV, particularly if you have any interest in gaming. Now if the gaming aspect does pique your interest, you should still shell out the extra $20 and buy the $199 SHIELD TV package that includes both the remote and the gaming controller, because it’s well worth it. NVIDIA is the only one that has managed to deliver on the promise of delivering high-quality gaming through its streaming box with true console-class games through GeForce NOW and a strong lineup of games through Google Play including an ever-expanding number of exclusives.

From a media player standpoint, the SHIELD TV remains mostly ahead as well with differentiators like the ability to act as a PLEX Media Server, 4K support in a multitude of apps like Amazon Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu and Kodi that the Apple TV lacks. And of course there’s 4K Chromecast support from your devices as well.

Unless you have a large library of iTunes movies, the SHIELD TV remains the streaming box to beat and given its track record since release, it seems likely that it will just keep getting better.