Google Store gets trade-in program for buying Pixel devices

By | 22nd September 2017

Hot on the heels of Project Fi’s trade-in program, Google has announced a trade-in program for the Google Store. If you want to give Google your old phone, you’ll get some credit to buy a shiny new Pixel or Pixel XL.

The amount you’ll get for your phone isn’t high, as you’ll get a lot more selling it privately. But for those who want the ease of just handing Google a phone without worrying about fraud and finding a buyer, Google has you covered. These are the prices you can expect from the various accepted devices, condition being the main factor.

If you’re interested in trading your phone in for a Pixel, you’ll find the trade-in button underneath the storage options on the Google Store. However, you might want to wait for Google to announce the next line of Pixels, which is happening in less than two weeks.