Wrecker’s Revenge – Gumball is Cartoon Network’s latest wacky mobile game

Cartoon Network’s latest game, Wrecker’s Revenge – Gumball, has now landed free to play in the Google Play Store. The platforming title sees you take control of Gumball Watterson as you direct him through levels (voids) using floating islands to help him reach the end.

The game is based on Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball TV series, and it looks like it will offer fairly lightweight platforming action. You can manipulate the floating islands to allow you to reach them, and use power-ups like the giant Gummy Hand to swing across gaps and Universal Remote to rewind time. Each level is also procedural generated, so you’ll never come across the same scenario twice.

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Oh, and you’ll meet the cast of characters from the show like Richard, Nicole, and not forgetting Banana Joe, along the way.

Wrecker’s Revenge – Gumball also includes gamepad support and there’s no talk of in-app purchases, though Cartoon Network says its other products and services are cross-promoted in-game.

It looks like a decent time-killer and you can download it in the Play Store via the button below. If you want to check out other titles featuring Gumball, like Agent Gumball or Sky Streaker – Gumball, visit the Cartoon Network developer page at Google Play.

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