Google Home gaining support for reminders

By | 25th September 2017
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Google Home owners, it looks like another new feature is coming your way soon.

A new Google Home support page has confirmed that support for reminders is coming soon to Google’s smart speaker. The support page explains how Google Home owners can set reminders, which is by saying things like “Remind me to call Mom this Sunday at noon” or “Remind me to take my medicine every day at 8:00 pm.”

Google Home will also let you review your reminders by saying things like “What are my reminders?”. You’ll be able to delete reminders as well, either one at a time (“Delete my reminder to _____.”), all for a certain day (“Delete my reminders for tomorrow.”), or all at once (“Delete all of my reminders.”).

Unfortunately, the feature doesn’t appear to be live quite yet, and there’s no telling exactly when it’ll be enabled. The good news is that it does appear to be coming, though.

Not only is it great to see Google Home continue to gain new features, but support for reminders is one that Google Home owners have really been clamoring for, so it’s great that Google is listening to its customers and adding the feature.