Amazon Echo Spot is a smart alarm clock with Alexa and a 2.5-inch display

By | 27th September 2017
Amazon Echo Spot official

Alongside its two new Echo speakers, Amazon today revealed an all-new Echo device.

The Amazon Echo Spot is sort of like an Alexa-powered alarm clock. The round device features a 2.5-inch display with a camera above it. You can use this display to see the weather, watch video news briefings, and more. And with the camera, you can video chat like you would on the larger Echo Show.

When it comes to audio, the Echo Spot boasts a 2W speaker. You can also connect the Echo Spot to speakers over Bluetooth or using a 3.5mm headphone cable if you’d like higher-end audio performance.

Because it comes with Alexa, the Echo Spot can also do just about anything else that other Echo devices can. You can control smart home devices, stream music from services like Pandora and Spotify, call an Uber, and more, all using your voice.

The Amazon Echo Spot is now available for pre-order for $129.99. It’ll launch on December 19th.

Amazon Echo Spot white