Amazon introduces Echo Plus with smart home hub built in

By | 27th September 2017

Amazon is introducing a whole host of new products today, including an updated Amazon Echo. But the company has also announced a new device called the Echo Plus, which looks a lot like the original Echo but features a smart home hub built in.

This hub allows you to use smart devices that generally require hubs, like Philips Hue products, straight through the Echo Plus. For a limited time, your purchase of an Echo Plus even comes with a single Hue bulb. The built in hub feature should greatly simplify the smart home (no more hubs for each ecosystem) and give it a leg up over Google Home.

Other features of this new smart device include 360 degree Dolby audio, second generation far field voice recognition, support for multi room audio, and a choice of black, white, and silver colors.

The device launches on October 31 for $149.99, which is lower than the original Echo price. We can’t wait to see how Google responds in just a week!