Amazon unveils new $99 Echo smart speaker

Amazon has decided it’s the perfect time to announce a new, smaller smart speaker that serves as a proper follow-up to the original Echo.

Amazon has officially unveiled its new Echo smart speaker, which takes the things the company did right in the first iteration and improves on just about every facet for the new model. It features a metal frame which is covered by a fabric shell. There are six shells in total, sold by Amazon, which allow owners to change up the device’s color.

One of the primary focuses for Amazon this time around is sound quality. The new Echo smart speaker supports Dolby Audio as well as second-generation far-field microphone technology, second-generation voice recognition, and support for multi-room audio, which means several Echo devices can be used together.

Amazon has priced the new Echo speaker at $99, and it’s available to pre-order beginning today. It’ll begin shipping October 31.

Are you planning on picking up the new Echo speaker?