Second Generation Amazon Echo is Smaller and More Powerful, but Less Expensive

By | 27th September 2017

The first connected smart speaker from Amazon, dubbed the Echo, was released back in 2014 and received mixed reviews at first. As time has gone by the device has become more popular and has spawned a number of other devices such as the Echo Dot and the Echo Show. Today, the company is holding an Alexa-themed launch event and has just announced the second generation Amazon Echo which will launch for just $100.

Since the initial launch of the Amazon Echo, the company has seen a number of competitors from the likes of Google, Microsoft and soon to be Samsung and Apple. To stay ahead, they have been working with a ton of 3rd-party companies to add support for the Alexa platform. They even launched the Amazon Echo Dot as an affordable way for customers to outfit their entire house without spending a fortune while also offering the Echo Show for those who wanted more out of the device.

Today, Amazon has announced the second generation Amazon Echo that is smaller than the original while actually being more powerful too. This new product will go on sale later today for less than its predecessor (at $100), and it will have its own dedicated bass tweeter to help improve the audio experience for the new multi-room audio feature. The new Amazon Echo also received a new design with a cloth exterior that is similar to Google Home to help it fit in with modern house decor.

Along with the new Amazon Echo, the company has also announced the Echo Connect which will be priced at $35. The goal here is to take advantage of the product’s new calling feature by letting land line phones plug into the Echo Connect and take advantage of Amazon Alexa’s new calling feature, with free calls to the United States, Mexico and Canada. Both devices will go on sale later today with the new Amazon Echo being offered in a 3-pack for $150.

Source: The Verge