NVIDIA SHIELD TV update brings Google Assistant and several other improvements

By | 28th September 2017
NVIDIA SHIELD TV official bundle

NVIDIA SHIELD TV owners, there’s a new update coming your way.

NVIDIA has released the SHIELD Experience Upgrade 6.0 for SHIELD TV. Perhaps the most notable addition is Google Assistant, giving you access to Google’s virtual assistant and all of its features on your TV.

With Google Assistant, you can ask to see videos in specific apps like Netflix and YouTube,  or you can just say something like “Play Ariana Grande videos” and the Assistant will get to work. You can also view your Google Photos library, ask general questions, control smart home products, and more.

Google Assistant on SHIELD TV is currently available in the U.S. It works just like it does on your phone, meaning that you just say “Ok Google” to call up the Assistant.

This update also enables the SHIELD TV to integrate with SmartThings hub using the SmartThings Link, an updated Vudu app with voice search and a better UI, 360-degree video in YouTube, security updates, and more.

Here’s NVIDIA’s list of enhancements in SHIELD Experience Upgrade 6.0 for SHIELD TV:

  • Google Assistant comes to SHIELD TV
  • Turn your home into a smart home
  • Vudu adds voice search and updated UI
  • 360-degree video in YouTube
  • YouTube Kids app
  • New features in the Amazon Video app
  • New apps (TBS, TNT, Tablo Engine)
  • New games (including Metal Gear Solid 2, The Surge, Bioshock Remastered, Borderlands 2)
  • The latest monthly Android security updates.
  • The ability to stream DTS-HD Master Audio to older DTS-capable receivers.
  • The option to power on your TV and receiver using both CEC and IR simultaneously.
  • New setting for accessories to enable/disable double tap of the volume slider to pause.
  • SHIELD remote upgrade to firmware v1.15.
  • SHIELD remote with headphone jack upgrade to firmware v1.16.
  • SHIELD controller upgrade to firmware v1.14.
  • Dynamic refresh rate with mixed HDMI setups: Dynamic refresh rate switching now is now supported on mixed HDMI configurations (e.g. SHIELD connected to an HDMI 2.0 compatible receiver, then connected to an older HDMI 1.3 compatible TV). Note: we are investigating some rare cases of audio/video loss in these configurations that will be addressed in a future release.
  • Customized HDMI modes: Select your custom SHIELD display output mode. In Settings > Display & Sounds > Advanced settings > HDMI settings, unselect Set to recommended. Select HDMI display modes to see the list of supported modes your display supports.
  • Reduced video stutter when display refresh is set to 23.976Hz.
  • Fixed cases of dropped frames when playing 25Hz content in Kodi.
  • Improved image scaling for shows recorded in standard definition in PLEX.
  • Added ability for Hauppauge dual tuners to scan for both DVB-T and DVB-T2 channels.
  • Improved reliability of firmware updates for SHIELD remote.
  • Fixed cases of local network storage access disappearing for German language.
  • Fixed cases of protected content failing to play if TV is turned off during playback.
  • Added HDMI-CEC volume control for Bose SoundTouch 520.