The Greatest RC Vehicle Game of All Time (Review)

By | 28th September 2017

(Ad Feature) Which is the best RC car game that you’ve ever played? Well, mine is Need for Speed, a car racing game for both Android and iOS. The game changes and adapts with every new version. It’s been a realistic car racer, police chase simulator and surprisingly even an action movie running on wheels! What makes Need for Speed my best choice? I recently sat down with John from and gave him my expert reviews on the game. Of course, we both had a lot to talk about, but here, I’ll try to keep it short! Amazing Graphics! Although the game is far from perfect, it’s truly exceptional. It has jaw-dropping visuals and adrenaline-pumping sounds which you can customize as you like. It gives you an added sense of ownership as you can change different parts of the car to suit your tastes. It’s more than just grabbing the flashiest and fastest car available. As I was playing the game, the speed of the cars completely blew my...

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