ZTE Axon M may be foldable smartphone

By | 28th September 2017

The slab smartphone design is one that the market is quite familiar with. Manufacturers have chosen the slab as the design of choice, and with the rise of touchscreen smartphones, design choices have grown conservative, opting for what is standard, rather than what is new. Though some, like Samsung, have experimented with curved displays, there are other manufacturers that have bigger plans.

ZTE may be the manufacturer that changes the industry standard. The company is working on a device called the Axon M, which, according to a report from Android Authority, may be the world’s first true foldable smartphone.

We’ve seen foldable smartphone concepts before (RIP Kyocera Echo), but the design never took off. With a lack of consumer interest and some technical roadblocks, manufacturers didn’t commit to foldable smartphones. ZTE, however, believes that the design is worth another shot.

Though spec details on the Axon M are light, Android Authority says that the Axon M features two 1080p screens that fold out into a single 6.8-inch display with a resolution of 1920×2160. With the screens folded, the device functions like a regular smartphone, but when unfolded, it offers a strong multimedia experience.

ZTE is holding an event on October 17, and it seems likely that the Axon M will be showcased. Stay tuned for more leaks and updates as we draw nearer to the date.