Do Not Disturb While Driving is my favorite iOS 11 feature

By | 29th September 2017
Do Not Disturb While Driving iOS 11

Apple released iOS 11 earlier this month. It's a pretty big change, adding plenty of new features to the mix, changing some things completely (Control Center), and for some folks it might have been worth the wait, while others may think the complete opposite. Which is pretty much par for the course with any new release, software or hardware.

For the most part, I think iOS 11 is fine. It's right on the same level as Android 8.0 Oreo. Refine most things, improve the overall experience, and add a few key new features to spice things up. It isn't a huge, revolutionary update. It's just meant to make an already powerful base even more stable, refined, and user friendly.

One feature above all others has become my new favorite, though.

The title of the article gives it away, but it's true. Do Not Disturb while driving is easily my new favorite feature in iOS 11. I had the realization today while I was driving, my phone resting in a small compartment in my car. I connect the phone to my car to listen to music, and, before DND While Driving was a thing, notifications used to ring through the cabin all the time. It was ridiculously annoying.

I could easily fix that particular issue by just putting the phone on vibrate, but that meant hearing it vibrate and still being notified that something was happening. Which, as you can probably relate to, means I want to check it. But I hate using my phone while I'm driving, and more often than not I just keep it in my pocket to help avoid the risk. But whether it vibrates or makes a sound, I know there's a notification waiting for me.

And that's why it's my favorite feature. Not just because it means I don't have to put my phone on vibrate (which also means I often forget about the change and miss notifications later, when I might not be right next to my phone), but also because it gets rid of the temptation altogether. Distracted driving is an issue that needs to be handled from a variety of different angles, but, on Apple's part, simply removing notifications while driving is great.

The fact that the feature works automatically, too, is great. You do need a car that can connect to the iPhone, either via a cable or by Bluetooth, but as long as that base is covered, Do Not Disturb While Driving will kick in as soon as the phone's connected to it. You can disable it, yeah, but, well, hopefully you don't while you're driving.

Up to this point, I have always tried to not use my phone while driving. Sometimes I succumb to the call of notifications, which isn't any fun to admit. But DND While Driving is going to help with that, and I love its inclusion with iOS 11. It's a fantastic feature, and while there is plenty more to like about Apple's latest update to its mobile operating system, this one thing has climbed the ranks as my favorite.

If you're using iOS 11, have you tried out Do Not Disturb While Driving? Are you a fan of the feature as well? Or is this something you disable by default? Let me know!