The revived Nokia 3310 will soon work in the US with new 3G support

By | 29th September 2017

Before anyone starts asking in the comments; yes, we know the Nokia 3310 is not an Android phone. However, we still think that HMD Global was very smart to relaunch a new version of this classic mobile handset alongside its other Android Nokia-branded smartphones and we cannot resist writing about it. Many people still have a lot of warm feelings for the original Nokia 3310, and the new edition that was first announced in February at MWC 2017 is an almost perfect replica of that older mobile phone.

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This week, HMD Global announced that it would launch yet another version of the Nokia 3310. In addition to being slightly bigger, the new version will have one important addition inside; 3G cellular hardware. That means this version can be used on some US carriers; specifically GSM networks like T-Mobile and AT&T (sorry, Verizon and Sprint users). Because of the new hardware, owners will get up to 6.5 hours of talk time on a single charge when it is being used on a 3G network, well below the 22 hours for the previous 2G edition.

The newest edition of the Nokia 3310 will also get some changes in its user interface, so owners can change the icon colors and positions (don’t worry, it’s still able to play Snake). Finally, in addition to Yellow and Warm Red colors, the phone will be sold in Azure and Charcoal color options, along with silver keypads with buttons that have been given more space between each other, so owners can have a better dialing and texting experience.

The 3G edition of the Nokia 3310 will go on sale in mid-October for the price of €69, or about $81. There’s no word on if any US carriers will sell the phone, but we would bet that lots of folks in this country would love to get their hands on it for a piece of nostalgia.