Magisk Module to Allow Location Mocking, Screenshots in Any App, and Disabling System Signature Verification

By | 30th September 2017

Magisk is a systemless root and module host for Android devices. With the use of Magisk, users can modify their Android /system partition without breaking SafetyNet. This is because Magisk makes its changes in the RAM without overwriting actual system files, meaning build.prop edits and more are possible. A Magisk module is just a /system modification prepackaged in a flashable zip which installs its data to a Magisk.img file in the data partition.

Some of the achievements we have seen with Magisk have been pretty amazing, and one of the latest released on our forums allows you to hide that mock location is enabled from your apps (hello Pokémon Go players), take screenshots in DRM protected apps, and disable signature checking for installed applications. All of this comes courtesy of XDA Recognised Developer fOmey.

To be more specific, this will allow you to spoof your location with applications such as FlyGPS and apps won’t be able to tell, you can take screenshots of applications such as Netflix and you can install modified system applications over the pre-installed ones.

How it works is pretty simple, you install the application and it will detect your device and take your services.jar. It will then download the latest Magisk module template, modify a copy of your services.jar file to apply the changes and then create a Magisk module. This can then be flashed in your recovery.

If you have any interest in the above features, then take a look! Avid Pokémon Go players may enjoy it (or detest it, if you’re against that kind of thing), but the ability to screenshot specific apps may be nice for even just making wallpapers of nice scenes in movies or TV shows  at ease. All you need is Magisk, so go try it out now below!

Check out this Magisk Module on our forums!